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Journal of Practical Management Information Systems

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Journal of Practical Management Information Systems (Abbreviation: JPMIS) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Management Information Systems into a unique reference source. The Journal of Practical Management Information Systems is free of charge.

Journal of Practical Management Information Systems is a "Bimonthly" (Six times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors response to letters to editor across the fields. Journal of Practical Management Information Systems is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published Journal of Practical Management Information Systems article.

Introducing a Web-based Multi-agent System Architecture using RFID for Electronic Data Exchange in Information Systems
Information system and Persian Newsletters during Mughal India
Method Development and Optimization of an Artificial Neural Network for Temperature Information Extraction from BOTDA Sensor System
The Role of Information System in Organizational Success
Influencing factors on tax evasion by Islamic law
Evaluation of Financial Information Reporting System in Management Decisions Private and Governmental Iran Banks
Introduction One of the most useful types of insurance in order to achieve the objectives of creating economic
E-commerce; powerd arm absorption and customer satisfaction in shopping from the World Wide Web
The Socio-Organic Movement of Information Age: Architecture Self Educating System in Post Professional Era
Information Pollution and Its Destructive Role as a Tool of the Domination System in the Information War with Other Countries
Evaluation of Nursing Information System Implementation in two General Hospitals Affiliated to Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in Southeast Iran: Nurses’ Viewpoints
The effect of information system on job performance mediated by employee empowerment
Explore the effect of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) on activity-based travel behavior of transportation system users: An application of Structural Equations Models
Accounting plan – information base for management
Management of information in data bases to concerned the navigation and routing systems
Energy-Efficient Management by New Algorithm Based on 2-Hops Neighborhood Information in Wireless Ad hoc Networks
Influence of Security Information Management in Cyber Environment on Electronic Banking Efficiency
Investigating the performance of Hospital information systems in work flow Management
Management Information System for Performance Evaluation of Organization, Based on the Balanced Scorecard Method
The Role of Management Information System & Dynamic Charts in Production & Sale Plan of Iran Glass Wool Company
Redefining and Classification of Management Information Systems
Information Technology and Customer Relationship Management in Life Insurance
The impact of corporate governance transparency and disclosure of information on earnings management
Study the effect of management information systems to the financial success of companies in the industrial cities of Bandar Abbas
Investigating the Relationship between Information Asymmetry, Earnings Management and Investment Fund Monitoring in Tehran Stock Exchange
Secure Intelligent Information Management by Using a Framework of Virtual Phones based on Cloud Computation
The evaluation of management information systems' application (MIS) in the recruitment and selection of human resources
Profit Management, Information Uncertainty and Accounting Conservatism
The Effect of Top Management Support in Strategic Management of Information Systems
Study the effect of management information systems to the financial success of companies in the industrial cities of Bandar Abbas
Identification and Ranking challenges of SAJAD information system management using Fuzzy DEMATEL and ANP
Relationship between management information systems and corporate performance Companies listed in the Stock Exchange
The impact of ERP on Information technology governance resource, knowledge management capability, and competitive advantage
Crisis Management of Electricity Distribution Networks using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Appropriate Positioning Equipment from the Perspective of Passive Defense
The role of management information system at organization’s utilization
Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction management: a safety approach
Strategic options for information marketing management in Iranian Agricultural Academic Journals (SWOT analysis)

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