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Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting

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Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting (Abbreviation: JPAA) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Auditing and Accounting into a unique reference source. The Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting is free of charge. Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting is a "Bimonthly" (Six times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors response to letters to editor across the fields. Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published Journal of Practical Auditing and Accounting article.

The Impacts of Economic Corruption in USA on Global Economy
The Impact of e-Entrepreneurship on the Digital Marketing
A Power Management in an Isolated Micro Grid with Reduce Voltage Deviation of Ultra-Capacitor
Congestion Management Strategies in Active Distribution Networks
Investigation the position of gardens as one of the dimensions of urban vegetation in the management of large cities located in the plains and its maintenance strategies
Optimal Capacitor placement and Sizing based on Capacitor cost, voltage stability Index, loses and different loading used GOA algorithm
Two Stage Methodology for simultaneous placement and sizing of distributed generation and capacitors using Artificial Bee Colony in order to reduce losses and increase the voltage stability
Comparing Two Inspection Policies for an EOQ Model with ImperfectQuality Items under Inspection Errors
The role of the advertising message strategy in the buying decision process through the mediating role of content marketing and word of mouth marketing (Analytical study of the opinions of a sample of customers who use the social networking site (Facebook)
Investigating the Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Loyalty with the Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction in Fashion Industry in Iran
Analysis of an ESP book (ESP for students of accounting written)
Think of Both Price and Return to Mitigate Framing Effect on Forecast
Managing Information Systems Based Activities to Foster Organizational Innovations: The Role of Knowledge Stock and Interfirm Partnership
English for Specific Purposes Research Trends: Voices from the International Journals
The Role of Startups in Creating Employment and the Economic Cycle (Case Study of Iran)
Investigating of factors affecting conservatism with emphasis on feature selection attitude
The role of full accrual basis of accounting to improve accountability
The impression of EAP awareness in accounting students’ Reading comprehension
Modeling of Internal Relations of the Factors Effective on Innovative Marketing of IT Industry in SMEs
A hybrid algorithm for budget constrained dynamic facility layout problem
A Hybrid Model for Strategic Planning Using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Case Study of a contractor participate in oil and gas industries
Solving Bi-objective Single machine scheduling under uncertainty by two stage GA
Sustainable competitive advantage in medical tourism businesses
The Direct Medical Cost of Cancer in Iran During 1996-2019: A Systematic Review
A review of the effects of Covid 19 on higher education and some of the strategies used: A case study of Kermanshah University of Technology
Policy Determination for retailers in an oligopoly to reduce the churn rate
An efficient approach for determining cell formation, cell layout, and intracellular sequences in cellular systems, considering the cost of allocating cells to places and constraint cell volume
Introducing of a new mathematical model to analyze the effect of automation on optimizing the overall equipment effectiveness and product line productivity
Blockchain; An Infrastructural Revolution In Digital Economy
An overview of project management standards: similarities and differences
How Machine Learning & Econometrics Can Interact?
Evaluate the sensory brand experience on brand equity based on customer emotional commitment and customer satisfaction
Identifying Shiraz Medical Tourism Business Cluster
Investigating the effect of job stress on innovation and job performance of employees at Arvand petrochemical company
Reflections about the use of information and communication technologies in accounting education
To Be or Not To Be? The Influencing Factors Towards Pursuing as Professional Accountant Among Indonesian S1 Accounting Students
Comparing the relation between earnings value relevance and book value with market value in transitory and recurring loss companies
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Absorption of Bank Resources in Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank of Yazd Province
Accounting expertise, audit committee, management's expectations and non-negative earnings surprises
Assessment of Subsidies on Agricultural Production in Iran
An Investigating Into the relationship between On-time Accounting Information and Liquidity Risk in the Bank Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange
The Relationship Between Moral Reasoning in Accounting and the Ethical Decision Making Process of Accounting Students
The Importance of Accounting & Reporting in Holy Koran
Probe of ethics and being qualified accountant in a moral way
A Study of Accounting Information System Security
Utilization Rate of Accounting Information for Managers of Financial Institutions
An AHP Approach to Identifying & Prioritizing Inhibiting Factors of Human Resources Accounting in Iran
Professors and Instructors Teaching Role in Re-convergence of Knowledge Offshoots: towards more integrity; a look at management, law, and accounting
The Effect of Information Technology on the Quality of Accounting Information
Examining the explanatory capability of financial ratios in determining the insolvency risk of Iranian banks (Accounting- and market-based methods)
Explaining the structure of Professionals ethics of accounting focusing on principles of social responsibility
The role of full accrual basis of accounting to improve accountability
Green accounting economy (oil) with a multi-year perspective
Fair value Accounting and Precision of Forecasting Analysis
The importance of the same language in commercial and economic transactions
A preliminary review of the creation of a comprehensive accounting software across countries
Islamic Ethics in Accounting
Human Resource Accounting and Financial Reporting
An Overview of the Theoretical Foundations Creative Accounting
The study of Auditing Committee on the Quality of Financial Reporting, Independent & Internal auditing
Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting
Integrating Marketing and Management Accounting in achieving competitive advantage
The role of mandatory IFRS approval in the quality of income for investment in organizations
Meta-Analysis of Empirical Deficiencies in Iran Accounting Researches
Impact of Accounting Information (AI) for Organisational Effectiveness: A Study of Selected Organisations of Rajasthan
Reflections about the use of information and communication technologies in accounting education
To Be or Not to Be? The Influencing Factors Towards Pursuing as Professional Accountant Among Indonesian S1 Accounting Students
mployers Perception on Skill Competencies and the Actual Performance of Bachelor of Accounting Graduates in Malaysia
Why Companies Choose the Cost Model over Fair Value for Investment Property? Exploratory Study to Indonesian Listed Companies
Making Sense of Cost Accounting Information in Malaysian Private Healthcare Settings: A Comparative Case Study

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