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Natrosa Letters (Abbreviation: Natrosa Lett.) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Information and Communication Technology into a unique reference source. The Natrosa Letters is free of charge. Natrosa Letters is a "quarterly" (Four times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors’ response to letters to editor across the fields. Natrosa Letters is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published Natrosa Letters article.

Using Carbon Quantum Dots as an Efficient Nanomaterial in Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells
Controlling Analogue System and Preparing System to Illustrate Desired Performance Curve
Analysis of machining parameters and its results on aluminium 7075-T6 alloy
Environmental Effects of Additive Manufacturing Processes
Studying cardiac biomarkers and blood alcohol levels in diabetic patients
Study of Environmental Impacts of Additive Manufacturing Processes
Surface Characterization of Titanium Implants by Electrophoretic Deposition Technique
Energy Harvesting Using MEMS Porous Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam
Fuzzy Automatic Gain Controller for Drive Mode of MEMS Gyroscope
Acoustic Vector Sensor Based Source Localization Using MEMS Structures
A Linguistic Study of Situational Context in Teaching Listening Skill
Chemical analysis of Diclofenac Sodium effect on Angiogenesis using Chorioallantoic membrane assay
Potential symmetries for generalized quasilinear hyperbolic equations
Signal Processing Techniques for Multiple Damage Identification
Characterization of Nanocoatings-Based Silica Epoxy mITO
Developments on Cancer Therapy through Oncolytic Virotherapy
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography and Modeling of Protein Adsorption on Hydrophobic Gel
Application of Zeolite Nanofiltration for Removal of Heavy Metals from Urban Wastewater
The Analysis of Ampicillin in Medication Forms According to ICH Guidelines
Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide with Different Orientations on Ni4M (M=Sc, and Y) Clusters
Measurement the Antifertility Potential in Male Rats Exposed to The Electromagnetic Signals Emitted by Cellular Mobile Telephony
Colonization and Optimization of Some Fungal Mycelium through Metal Biosorbent
Review of The Basis for Oncolytic Virotherapy and Development of The Genetically Modified Tumor-Specific Viruses
Marker-Analysis of Leaf Resistance Bacterial in Rice
Analysis of E.Coli from Waste Effluents of a Farm Business
Phytochemical Analysis of some Herbal Medicines
The Effect of Diclofenac Sodium on Blood Vessel Formation
Evaluation of Nutritional Values of Some Meals Containing Soybean Oil
Study of Nutritional Values of some Traditional Foods in Nigeria
How nutritional composition of commonly consumed vegetable changes under the influence of fermentation
Antibacterial Study and Green Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles through Some Plants
The Effect of Weeds on Cropping System for Sustaining Food Security
Sensitivity Analysis through Antigen-Antibody Detection of Biological Samples
PCR Analysis of a Chinese Herbal in Some Indian States
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography and Modeling of Protein Adsorption on Hydrophobic Gel
Polymer and Ceramic membrane in the Proteomics and Separation of Biological Samples
Silicon-based Biosensors Carbon Nanotubes and its Application in Biological Detection
Implementation of Polymer-based Nanostructure Biosensor for Determination of Glucose and Cholesterol

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