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Practical Journal of Engineering

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Practical Journal of Engineering (Abbreviation: PJE) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Information and Communication Technology into a unique reference source. The Practical Journal of Engineering is free of charge. Practical Journal of Engineering is a "quarterly" (Four times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors’ response to letters to editor across the fields. Practical Journal of Engineering is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published Practical Journal of Engineering article.

A Survey of Solar Cell Types According to Their Historical Development and Impact on Building Durability
Study of the Benefits of Data Driven Electricity Market
The study of the rail pressure effects on performance and emission characteristics of a common rail heavy duty diesel engine
Analysis of stress distribution through thermal barrier coating used in turbine engine
Designing a neural model for standing balance control based on the internal inversion model in the human brain
A Survey on Mapping Techniques for Network-on-Chip Architecture
Application of the NSGA algorithm in the arrangement of wind turbines and increasing the efficiency of the local electricity distribution network
Mechanical evaluation of the Laser Bed Fusion Method for creating nanolayers
Analyzing the Effects of Selective Laser Sintering on the Behavior of Several Stainless-Steel Powders
Mending the level of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy by the sol-gel process: A Short Review
Clinical study of nephrotoxicity and its relationship with the amount of antibiotics in the blood
Behavioral Investigation of different Stainless-Steel Powders through Selective Laser Sintering
Study of the characteristics and physical dimensions of the building and its design in increasing its visual quality
Study of Physical and Biological Compatibility of Magnesium Based Implants
The Study of Structural Behavior of Wind Turbines with Hybrid Foundation
The Study of Chaotic Geometry in Safavid Architecture through Simulation
Structural response of RC elements to coupled blast-fire loadings
The Investigation of the Effect of Using Motion Infographics on Listening Comprehension in Education System
Investigating the Nutritional Value and Composition of Traditional Foods
Changing the Nutritional Composition of Vegetables and Fruits under the Influence of Nutritional Yeasts
Investigating the Food Security of Legumes and the Economic Effects of its Supply Chain
The Milling of Metals through Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for non-touch Measuring of the Temperature to Reduce Coolant
The Investigation of Mechanical Characteristics of PVDF Membrane for Membrane Distillation
The Geothermal Energy and the its Effects on Global Environmental Pollution
The Characters and Recent Development of Micro Electronic Discharge Machine
Study of the effects of effective factors on the layer cutting of composite sandwich structures
Reduce of the Energy Consumption in Wireless Networks through Bayesian Network Model
Application of Bayesian Modelling for Damage Prediction in the Structures
Design and Simulation of All Optical Photonic Crystal Wavelength Selective Devices Based on Directional Couplers for Optical Communication Systems
Fundamental Topological Algebras
Directional UWB Microstrip Antenna for Radar Applications
Study on Reducing Power Loads is Disconnected Electricity Market
Optimal Placement of Wind Turbines for Reducing Losses and Improving Loadability and Voltage Profile in Distribution Networks by Data Clustering and NSGA-II Algorithm
Polymer Induced Flocculation for Treatment of a Tile Factory Wastewater using Polyacrylamide (PAM): Optimization by Response Surface Methodological Analysis
Investigation of the Genetic Diversity of Cultivars and Lines of Tetraploid Cottons by the use of Quantitative Morphologic Properties of Fibers
Combination System Optimization of Solar Collector/ Photovoltaic with Genetic Algorithms
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Permanent Covering Behavior of Gelevard Dam Injection Gallery and Optimal Design of Tunnel Coverage
Fuel Cell Systems and Developments in Control Abilities
Effect of Wind Penetration and Transmission Line Development in order to Reliability and Economic Cost on the Transmission System Connected to The Wind Power Plant
Time-dependent thermoelastic analysis of targeted rotating thick-walled cylinders made of composite material
Three Phase Twelve Pulse Controlled Rectifier with Reduced Output Current Harmonics Using PI Controller
The Theory and Implementation of Bayesian Networks Structural Learning using Tabu Search Algorithm
Study of Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) and its Applications
Investigation of factors affecting drilling composites using cores and predicting its pattern
A Short Review on the Performance and Design of OOFDM
Characterization of Flow Between Two Parallel Plates with Heat Transfer in Gradient Position

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