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RoGene Journal of Science and Technology

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RoGene Journal of Science and Technology (Abbreviation: Rogene J.) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Information and Communication Technology into a unique reference source. The RoGene Journal of Science and Technology is free of charge. RoGene Journal of Science and Technology is a "quarterly" (Four times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors’ response to letters to editor across the fields. RoGene Journal of Science and Technology is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published RoGene Journal of Science and Technology article.

The Study of the Performance of an Ethanol-Gasoline Blend Fueled Spark Ignition Engine
Study and analysis of porosity effects on unsteady flow between two parallel plates with heat transfer under pressure gradient
The Study of Physiological aspects of Human through Brain MRI Images Using the Convolutional Neural Network
Evaluating the Mechanical Characteristics of Tissue Scaffolds by bed fusion of laser powder
Clinical Study of Procalcitonin level on Diagnosis and Antimicrobial Treatment
The Relation between Global Financial Crisis and Global Business Practices
Study of Optimized Selective Laser Melting Factors through Finite Element Simulation
Study of Implant Stability and the Impacts on Secondary Survival Condition
A Novel Control Architecture for nonlinear teleoperation system under non-passive environment and Operator
Low Actuation Voltage, Good RF Characteristics RF MEMS Switch with Using Π-Structure
Investigation of Applied Methods for Flow Investigations on Wings of an Aircraft via MEMS Sensors
A complete study of IoT protocols and layers and an overview of their architecture
Sustainable architecture and urban spaces based on an analytical approach
Study of the concept of lotus flower in ancient and modern architecture
Analysis of Medicinal Compounds of Cannon Ball Tree Plants in Southeast Asia
Investigating the Effects of Sewage Bacteriology on the Quality and Economics of Agricultural Products
Safety Regulation and Management in Civil Engineering
The Comparative Study of Separation Process of CO2 and CH4 Mixture through Membrane and Adsorption Processes; a Short Review
The Bio-fabrication of Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) by Green Method and Study of its Electrochemical Applications
The Application of CNT-Aluminum Nanocomposite in Mechanical Alloying: A Short Review
Study of Skin Receptor of Cattle through Histological Aspect
The Possible Biological Effects of Long-term Stress on Depression
Renewable Energy and its Financial Risks in the Energy Market
Application of TiO2/ZnO nano-photocatalysts for Removal of Pesticide from Aqueous Solution
The Comparative Study of Separation Process of CO2 and CH4 Mixture through Membrane and Adsorption Processes; a Short Review
One-pot synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives using magnetic nanocomposite catalyst under solvent-free conditions
Investigation of the competitive ability of Different Lentil in the Root
Legal challenges facing nanotechnology and its development in various industries; a short review
Investigation of the Effects of Nigella Sativa on serum levels of IL-6 and TNF-α in Women Athletes
Investigation of Hepatic Enzymes Changes in Female Teenagers through Sport Tests
A review on Medication Heavy Metals and Current Assay Methods
Study of Polyaniline Nanostructure Based Biosensor and Improving the performance of Gold Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biosensing of Glucose and Cholesterol
Fabrication of Electrochemical Sensor Biosystems through Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets
Electrochemical Study of Lanthanum Nickelate Infiltrated into Nanoporous Structure of Strontium Doped Lanthanum Manganite (LSM) for Application as Biological Oxygen Electrode
Electrochemical determination of Thyroxine Hormone in Human Blood through Magnetic Nanoparticles Composite Electrode
The Bioproduction of Ethanol through Isolation of Some Local Bacteria
Salvia leriifolia leaf Powder and Review of its effects on Immunity Response
Investigation of Diclofenac Sodium on Angiogenesis through Blood Assay
The Study of Fluorescent Carbon Dots for Fabrication of Biocompatible Gelatin Nanomaterials
Comparison of Adsorption and Extraction of Cefixime by Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Pharmaceutical Agent

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