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Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

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Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (Abbreviation: Tirouge JMR) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal (OAJ) with a wide-ranging coverage, including research activities in Information and Communication Technology into a unique reference source. The Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is free of charge. Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is a "quarterly" (Four times a year) publication journal, which publishes original research articles, review papers, short communications, letter to editor, and authors’ response to letters to editor across the fields. Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC- By 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and make derivative works only if they cite the original published Tirouge Journal of Multidisciplinary Research article

Exploring Methods for Enhancing the Power Efficiency of Solar Cells
Studying the changes in efficiency and performance of combustion and emission of diesel engines with oxygenate additives
Study of Gas engine heat recovery based on hybrid zero liquid discharge and desalination
Deep Neural Network for Detection in Brain Computer Interface
Effect of photonic crystal wavelength selective devices on communication quality in optical fiber systems
Strategies of Mechanical Selective Laser Melting Scan
Evaluating the effect of Metal Additive Manufacturing by Finite Element Analysis of Brake Pedals
The Study of Hepatic Enzymes Changes in Athletes through Sport Tests
Finite Element Analysis of Brake Pedals with Metal Additive Manufacturing
Studying the effects of the type of architecture in educational environments on increasing students' creativity and educational quality
Investigating the Possibility of Seizure Control through Brain Implants
OpenSeespy and Numpy for Detection of the Structural Instability
The Study of Marginalization on the Structural Culture of the City in Iran
Applications of nanotechnology in structural engineering
The effects of linguistics and social development on sign language
Study of Motivation on Cognitive Linguistics and Teaching Second Language
Investigating the Production Methods of Metal Nanoparticles through Plants
Solar Irradiance Prediction and Deep Learning Neural Network
The Study of Power Load and Electricity Market based on Genetic Algorithm
The Quality of Muscle Endurance and their Training in Performance of Elderly People
The Characters and Recent Development of Micro Electronic Discharge Machine
Selective Wavelength Crystal Devices Based on Optical Communication Systems and Comparison of their Quality and Capability
Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Psychological Factors on Elite Athletes in Iran
The Relation Between Power Loads and Electricity Market
Study of Physical Fitness and Physical Ability of Student Athletes with Anthropometric Characteristics and their Qualitative Comparison
Study and Comparison of Changes in Liver Enzymes in Female Student Athletes
Review of Design and Analysis of a Directional Microstrip Ultra-Wideband Antenna
Evaluation of Changes in Aerobic Exercise and Vitamin C on Changes in Immunoglobulin in Athletes’s Serum
Effective Factors on Inter Professional Relationship Between Nurses and Physicians
Study of Loadability and Voltage Profile in Distribution Networks by Data Clustering and Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II
Study of Genetic Diversity and Morphological Characteristics of Fibers in a Semi-Quantitative Manner
Study of Effective Factors of Leadership and Success of National Sport Teams
Public companies and the effect of sudden changes in capital on the annual turnover of companies
Optimization of Polymer Flotation Using Polyacrylamide for Factory Wastewater Treatment
Effect of Intellectual Capital on Employees Psychological Empowering a Case in Forensic Staff of Country
Tunnel Cover Design and Modelling and Three- Dimensional Analysis of Injection Cover
Optimization and Analysis of Solar Collector with Genetic Algorithms
Investigation of Sociological Effects of City on People Language
Investigating the impact of social networks in the world of public relations
Developments on Cancer Therapy through Oncolytic Virotherapy
The Study of Spectrum Management in Organizations

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