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The Principle of Res Judicata in International Law


Received: 19 April 2020
Accepted: 23 May 2020
Published: 14 June 2020

Victor Barin Chaharbakhsh, Seyed Asgher Jafari

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The legal system of any given society, whether national or international, requires that legal disputes between the parties must be finally concluded and settled. Abiding by judgments made by international courts and prevention of contradictory judgments are related to international public order. Variety of international courts, arbitration tribunals and commissions increases the possibility of conflict of jurisdiction and issue of different and sometimes conflicting judgments at the international level. Such a situation, instead of final settlement of disputes will widen and intensity the international disputes and therefore is not desirable considering the fact the certain unsolved and outstanding international disputes may threaten international peace and security. The principle of res judicata is one of the valuable principles of civil and criminal procedure of national legal system. Today increase and plurality of judicial and quasi-judicial international arbitration mechanisms may serve as appropriate arrangements in international proceedings and to attain legal stability and reinforcement of peace and security in international arena. The present article will conclude that the principle of res judicata is well- recognized in international proceedings and arbitration and relied upon in numerous disputes. This reality may effectively decrease the existing concern regarding increase of international courts and issue of conflicting judgments.

Keywords: Res Judicata, Parties to Dispute, Quasi judicial, Umpire, Compensation, Identity of Parties.


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