Economic Assessment Post-harvesting Processing of Rice Crop

Received: 30 June 2021
Revised: 28 July 2021
Accepted: 26 August 2021

Salih K. Alwan, Akbar Arabhosseini, Mohammad H. Kianmehr, Ali M. Kermani

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The effect of husking and whitening machines on rice, Daillman Mazandarani (DM) cultivar was studied based on some economic indicators. Two types of machines (Satake and Yanmar) were tested at three clearances of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm between cylinders and three ranges of grain moistures of 10%-12%, 12%-14% and 14%-16%. The experiments were carried out in a factorial experiment under complete randomized design with three replications. The results showed that the Satake machine was significantly better than the Yanmar machine in all studied conditions. The results showed a fixed costs of 2.510 and 2.879 $/h , variable costs of 2.014 and 2.303 $/h , total costs of 4.973 and 5.701 $/h , fixed cost average of 1.754 and 2.403 $/h , variable casts average of 1.405 and 1.921 $/h and total costs average of 3.157 and 4.321 $/ h for Satake and Yanmar machines, respectively. The clearance 0.8 was significantly superior to the other two levels of 0.4 and 0.6 mm while the moisture content of grain at range of 10%-12% was significantly superior to the other ranges of 12%-14% and14%-16% in all studied conditions.

Keywords: Assessment, Costs, Processing, Economic, Rice.


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