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Evaluating Quality of Decision-Making Processes in Health Technology Assessment

Received: 28 August 2021
Revised: 20 September 2021
Accepted: 15 October 2021

Fatemeh Madanipour, Saeed Shavvalpour, Majid Frouzanmeher

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One of the applications of decision-making algorithms is in health technology assessment agencies. However, there remains doubt regarding their increase in quality decision-making. To reach a reliable conclusion regarding the quality, each algorithm has to be applied to the real world, which in this case are the HTA organizations. The purpose of this literature review was the identification of currents techniques (tools, questionnaires, surveys and studies) for measuring the quality of the decision-making algorithms when applied to three stakeholders. Because the main goal here was identifying techniques for assessing the quality of decision making in HTA agencies with the help of google scholar, a literature review was conducted. It should be pointed out that this search was structured by using certain key words. After completion, a second review was carried out for validation of the experiment. Revision of this subject confirmed the small amount of research conducted in this area, the most reliable technique for maintaining decision-making based on this review is QoDoS. This technique is involved in the lifecycle of medicines and the next steps would be continuous examination of its validity, sensitivity and reliability.

Keywords: quality decision making, health technology assessment.

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