Professors and Instructors’ Teaching Role in Re-convergence of Knowledge Offshoots: towards more integrity; a look at management, law, and accounting

Received: 28 August 2021
Revised: 20 September 2021
Accepted: 15 October 2021

Mohsen Karimian Azimi

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This study is of two folds: initially on the one hand, it argues for the need to slide away from the compartmentalization of various academic fields in order to converge in one way or another to economize in resources, inclusive of time, human, or budgetary, among other things, by getting to know about research in other academic fields which seemingly appear to differ but in essence follow similar lines of study. On the other, it seeks the students’ viewpoints on a couple of issues related to academic study and research, specifically the area of convergence of various branches of human knowledge, i.e.: what is ordinarily viewed as fields and subfields and offshoots of knowledge, here as our case in question, management, law, and accounting. To collect the participants’ viewpoints, a couple of steps were followed inclusive of semi-interview type dialogs, development of an open-ended questionnaire, a couple of close-ended questionnaires because of modifications, and finally the final close-ended one tallied. Hence, in the final run of the questionnaires developed and administered, a close-ended questionnaire was administered to some 30 participants of both genders but the gender factor was not counted as that relevant in the final frequency count. The upshots of the study, in the form of the participants’ viewpoints, presented according to the frequency of occurrence of their responses, along with the conclusion part closes this short paper.

Keywords: management, teaching, law, compartmentalization, re-convergence, accounting.

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