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Energy-Efficient Management by New Algorithm Based on 2-Hops Neighborhood Information in Wireless Ad hoc Networks


Received: 20 June 2020
Accepted: 26 July 2020
Published: 17 August 2020

Farid Parvaresh, Farhad Faghani

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A wireless ad hoc network consists of mobility nodes that are equipped with energy limited batteries. As mobility nodes are battery operated, an important subject in such a network is to minimize the total power transmission for each node. Transmitting a message between two nodes has an associated energy and moreover this energy can depend on the two nodes (the distance between them among other things). Topology control is to determine the transmission power of each node so as to maintain network connectivity and consume the minimum transmission power. Cooperative Communication (CC) is a new technology that allows multiple nodes to simultaneously transmit the same data. It can save transmission power and extend transmission coverage. However, prior research on topology control with CC only focuses on minimizing the transmission power of each node, not that coverage extension of source node with 1-hop neighborhood to reduce total power consumption. This study We propose a novel algorithm that select energy efficient 1-hop neighbor nodes, which assist a victor of source nodes to communicate with a destination nodes to reduce the energy transmission of broadcast application for wireless ad hoc networks. Proposed algorithm can be performed in distributed mode while maintaining the globally efficient paths. The results of the researchers show that proposed algorithm can significantly reduce the total energy consumption for each successfully transmitted packet between 2% to 5%, and prolong the life times of nodes, In addition increase energy efficient transferred in the neighborhood with a 1- hop node, especially in high mobility environments.

Keywords: Wireless Ad hoc networks, Topology Control, energy consumption, Energy-Efficient, distributed algorithm, Minimum spanning tree.


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Journal of Practical Management Information Systems

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